Honky Tonkitis

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Hey kids!

Now you too can create your own honky tonk song with a little help from the boys at Honky Tonkitis! Go ahead and fill in the requested words below and you're well on your way to writing your first hit honky tonk song! (Honky Tonkitis takes no responsibility for the words "hit," "honky tonk," or "song.)


I'm drinking _______________, and it's wrecking my whole life,

             brand of alcohol

My baby's ______________, and it's causing me some strife,

            painful verb

I'm begging baby, won't you ___________________,

                             fix stuff verb

Before we _____________________________________________.

          Messed-up results that rhyme with fix stuff verb


Darlin', you hold my _______________ in your hands,

                      body organ

And the tears they _________ with every squeeze,

                    action verb

Darlin' why don't you hold my ________________ instead,

                              alcoholic drink

Or I'll be dead, or on my knees


The jukebox is playin' _____________________ and I'm feelin' blue

                                Hank Williams song

The bartender is ________________ while I just think of you

                         action verb

Every time I drink my _________________ I feel like I could cry

                                 alcoholic drink

Should I switch to _____________________ or will I still just sigh?

                           another alcoholic drink

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