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Drummer Kurt Weber of local band Honky Tonkitis announced today that Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun is now returning his calls.

"It just kinda came out of the blue. After all those messages I've left for him on his voice mail the past year-and-a-half, and suddenly, today, my phone rings and it's, 'Hi. It's Ryan Braun. I'm returning your call."

Weber isn't sure why Braun finally responded now.

"I mean, yeah, we talked quite a bit, but it didn't really come up. And I didn't have the heart to just come out and ask him. I'm kind of hoping it comes up in one of our future conversations."

Future conversations?

"Yeah, he said he'd call again soon. I mean I don't expect the phone to ring this afternoon," Weber laughs. "But he really seemed sincere about it and, I dunno, he sounded like he had time on his hands. I mean, we talked for twenty minutes."

 Weber elaborated on what they talked about.

"I mean, he was nice enough to answer some of the many questions I'd left for him. His favorite color is red, his birthday is November 17th, and he likes the music of Keith Urban. Beyond that, we talked a little bit about baseball, his approach to batting, different pitchers he's faced, his teammates, y'know that kind of stuff. He seemed real down to earth."

Weber felt hopeful about their future.

"I'm hoping we can do some fishing together. Maybe knock around a few balls on the field near my house. I know he's a very important guy, important for his team, very busy, but I just got the feeling that he'd have time to spend with me in the near future. He had an attitude that seemed to say, 'I can make time for you, no matter how crazy things get.' That's cool. I'm glad he has time for the fans like me."

Weber ended the interview to take a call.

"Yo, bro. 'Sup?"

Kurt Weber

Ryan and Weber: BFF's?

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