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Honky Tonkitis had a practice last week dedicated to new songs that we could possibly record for our next album. Lots of tunes to and twist and mess around with and demo  record. It turned out to be quite a productive session! Lots of songs that we weren't sure would come to anything came out quite well! Lots of focus on giving these tunes a different twist or musical feel than the original material we have so far. Look for these songs at future shows:

Why You Looking At Me?-A tune about a guy who gets grief for his decisions from only one thing: the mirror.

I Must Be A Clown-About all those guys you meet in bars who could be or should be wearing circus make-up.

Hangover-If a hangover was your buddy, would you really want him around? Ever? A great little cajun tune.

Fill It Up-Is the glass half empty or half full? Who cares! Fill it up!

I'm Living Hamms to Mouth-Haven't we ever gotten to the point where we're so poor we can only afford Hamms beer? Hell, that's half our audience!

Just Think of Him-A real tear in your beer slow tune. "When you love me, just think of him." Damn! Some of you who have seen us a long time (like when we had Deadeye Dan on pedal steel. Yep, THAT long ago!) may remember this tune.


We're looking forward to polishing these songs up and playing them live. We want to get really comfortable with all of our new tunes before we record them for our next album. It will also help sort out those that don't make the cut.

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