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June Maplewood, mother of local singer and bassist Johnny Maplewood, reported she needed to purchase five more copies of Honky Tonkitis' Alcohol & Heartbreak CD yesterday.

"You look like you're not eating. Do you need money?" Mrs. Maplewood was heard asking the singer.

Maplewood's mother has been a strong financial supporter of the group Honky Tonkitis, as well as a rumored inspiration for a number of the group's drinking songs.

"Why aren't you taking proper care of yourself? Maybe if you got yourself a real job and got away from all this bar music you wouldn't always be in such trouble," Mrs. Maplewood continued.

"My mom's always been really helpful when it came to the band," Johnny Maplewood admitted, a little red faced, "but sometimes her concern for me can go a little overboard,"

"Honey, I don't mean to pry. Please, I need five more copies of that Alcohol cd."

"But, Mom, you've got like twenty copies of that CD in your house!"

"I know, dear, but I like to have copies in every room, in case I feel like hearing it or looking at it."

"Mom, that makes no sense! You only have one CD player and the last time I checked, it was still in the box it came in!"

"I know, dear. I need you to come over and help me unpack it and show me how to run it."

Mrs. Maplewood left a half-hour later, having dropped off leftover beef stew, a bag of cookies, and a week's worth of her son's laundered clothes.

"My son is a nice boy. Although I don't really agree with this musical business, I like to make sure that he stays happy. I like to buy his CD's and give them to friends. Although I don't give them to my close friends because I find some of his music offensive."

Moms Maplewood: Musical inspiration?


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