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Bruce Dean, guitarist for Milwaukee group Honky Tonkitis, was severely beaten by members of his own band Monday when he announced at practice that he was betting against the Packers in next Sunday's game.

"All I said was that I had $200 on San Francisco by three points. The next thing I knew, they had me on the floor and they were all kicking and punching me."

Band fiddle player, Larry Gääärd, was the only member of the group to comment on Dean's accusation, saying, "He started badmouthing the Pack and I saw red. I saw red."

Recovering at home, Dean has not decided whether he will file charges.

"A lot of it depends on how the game goes. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be swimming in dough come Sunday night. But if not, I'll probably take the band to small claims court. My jaw still hurts and they kinda messed up my guitar. But we've also got a pretty sweet gig next week and we're getting free beer."

Bruce Dean

Bruce Dean: A San Francisco treat or a San Francisco beat?


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