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Sorry for the late daily update, honky tonk web-itis readers!

The group's been working on some new tunes for our live shows with the material showing up in June:

Cover tunes:

Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (Waylon Jennings) - sung by Bruce

Why Baby Why (George Jones) - sung by Bruce, Johnny, and Don!

Waltz Across Texas (Ernest Tubb)


Original tunes:

Bajingo, Bajina

I'm Living Hamms to Mouth

You Say Wilco, I Hear Waco - sung by Bruce


We're also adding Don on vocal harmonies to a handful of tunes including Snap-On Fool, C'mon Baby Get It Off Your Chest, Praying in the House of Hank, Mesera Mesera, Pabst in the Can and Schlitz in the Bottle and Hey Baby Que Paso. Sweet! Three part harmonies! Bummer! Extra microphone and mic stand at every gig.

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