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Members of local group Honky Tonkitis announced last Sunday that their website had been hacked over the weekend.

"We were surprised to see that some unknown party had breached security on our website sometime this past Saturday and done malicious damage to our website," singer Johnny Maplewood announced.

Members of the group found that spelling and grammar errors on the site had been corrected, files had been organized and cleaned up, and that incorrect references had been fixed.

"I feel violated," accordion player Don Turner commented, "and not the good kind of violated that leaves me not wanting to take a shower for about a week."

"That these sick individuals would go in and clean up after us and make our website better, more organized, faster moving, and easier to use...I just feel so angry," guitarist Bruce Dean added. "Who are they to think they're my mother?"

Singer Johnny Maplewood said that they had called on police to investigate. "Whoever did this...Anonymous, the Chinese Army, Bruce Dean's mom...we just want you to know: we're coming for you and you will be prosecuted."


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