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At a wedding reception that turned into a reunion for current and former members of local country band Honky Tonkitis, former members were in agreement on one issue, as summed up by guitarist Chris Conrad:

"Boy, am I glad to be out of that band."

Conrad was given nods and handshakes after he issued the statement, shortly after walking off-stage from performing three songs with his old band.

"These guys make a Police reunion seem appealing," former fiddle player for the band Tom Hansen acknowledged.

Former members Hansen, Conrad and newly-married Jason Ploetz appeared to be on the same page about the band.

"Y'know, if I had to pick between the two best decisions I've made in my life, getting married or leaving that band, I think leaving the band wins hand down. Sorry, honey," Ploetz said while comforting his new wife, who just smiled and nodded that she understood.

"I completely sympathize," accordion player Don Turner added, "I was so happy when I finally made it out of the band. The constant nagging, the arguing, the screaming, the endless songs about the same damn subjects. Man, I can't believe how relieved I was when I finally quit. I'm never ever going back."

At this point, Turner had to be reminded that he was still an active member of the band.Turner spent the rest of the night drinking hard.

Further discussions around the topic were dropped when singer and band leader Johnny Maplewood approached and asked what everyone was talking about.

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