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Local band Honky Tonkitis announced Thursday that effective immediately, Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist of Kiss, will be replacing Bruce Dean on guitar.

"We are so stoked, we can barely hold our urine!" drummer Kurt Weber exclaimed. "This is something we've wanted for, like, ever!"

"We've been asking and asking and asking Ace to play with us, and at the last minute, he finally said 'yes,'" fiddle player Tom Hansen gushed. "Granted, he doesn't know the songs, he's never practiced with us, he hasn't ever heard the songs, and he doesn't even know what we look like, but he's still willing to play with us."

"It took a lot of talking and convincing and, well, money, but we're so excited to have Ace on stage with us this Saturday night. He also promised that if we threw in an extra five thousand dollars, he'd wear his Kiss costume and make-up! I've never been more proud of this band!" singer and bass player Johnny Maplewood gushed.

Not all regular members of the band were happy about the announcement.

"I've busted my hump for the last two months learning all of this band's songs and they throw me over at the last minute for Ace Frehley?" guitarist Bruce Dean lamented. "To tell you the truth, I'd quit in a heartbeat, except they promised that I could be Ace's guitar tech for the show."

Ace Frehley: He wants to honky tonk all night. And party every day.

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